24 October 2010

So in love with Olioboard – vote now

Oh I am so in love with Olioboard. I sometimes find moodboards a bit clumsy. They remind me of primary school. They are fun, but I never think they look particularly professional. Then I read about Olioboard on Apartment Therapy and wowzers – how cool! Glue and scissors no more!

Check out the below real life comparison and vote on which you prefer!

This is a client brief I have for a house in Sydney. The client has an classic heritage house at the front and is building a new wing out the back which is totally modern, concrete floors, high ceilings, clean lines. She wants to fuse the new with the old. She likes the house to be neat but not sterile, and wants to inject personality through her furnishings.

Exhibit A – the original mood board I created the old paper and scissors way…

mood board2

Exhibit B – my new Olioboard version of the same client brief.

OB-client brief

I’d love to hear your comments on which one you like better – the original or the olioboard version??

1 comment:

  1. Really like the rustic feel of the first one as it too reminds me of being school but the Olioboard one is much cleaner, clearer and much more professional.

    Love it.


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