08 November 2010

Channel 9 The Block – Brenton & Chez Reno Review

I’ve been having a good look at the photos on the Channel 9 The Block website of Brenton and Chez’s apartment. There are quite a few things I like and others I am not so sure. But like all the couples, they are doing a brilliant job considering the pressure and weekly room deliveries. Chez should have a bit of a head start as a real estate agent and with an interior design diploma, so she should have excellent experience to bring to her renovation. Here is my impression of what I have seen so far.

Brenton & Cheryl:


Apartment Highlights:

Chez has great taste in light fittings. She uses a very neutral colour palette of grey on grey. The repaint of the floorboards in the first room to a darker stain was a great idea and makes this room look classy, warm and inviting. I love the custom made curved shower screen from Bent and Curved Glass in the main bathroom is a real statement piece, adding a sophisticated touch to the room and will appeal to the Vaucluse demographic. The dark pull down blinds again bring warmth to the room and are also very practical. Chez also introduces some great textures in her rooms with the bedding and fabrics and her rooms are relevant to both male and female buyers which will widen the appeal on auction day. The little hidden make up table in the master bedroom tucked behind the beam is a brilliant use of space. The restoration of the original cornices is a total highlight and brings out the art deco theme.

image image image 

Apartment Lowlights:

While the colour scheme travels throughout the house, I find it is a bit monochromatic. This is not a bad thing as it allows buyers to inject their own personality with a splash of colour, but it also doesn’t pop as a colour combination. The sliding doors in the hallway were a very bold choice – and one that may not appeal to the masses. The wallpaper choice from Croker Paints is a little OTT – it would have worked better in a smaller area. The majority of furnishings are from Freedom Furniture. I know they are key sponsors but it would be good to see a little more variety. The bathroom is missing a bathtub and this could impact the decision of the family demographic. Also, with 3 double bedrooms I am a little confused who they are appealing to. It seems like the shared house of professionals, but I am not sure. A purpose built study or childrens room might have been a better choice.

General Summary:

I am not 100% sure Brenton and Chez will be the winners, but they still have a few rooms to go. They have a neutral palette which is appealing, but I don’t feel like they have really pushed the style which has a very subtle art deco reference. The whole apartment does not really gel – it feels like it is missing the wow factor.

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